Go Green Project

Villa Boreh are taking sustainability and energy saving to the next level. From the beginning of 2016, Villa Boreh has began installing new Solar Panel supply energy to help saving our Earth. As a growing Company or Hotel, we do make 3 stage of Installations to cover all of our Electric. The first stage of Installations is produce at less 30% of Villa boreh Consumptions to running of our All energy used.

Villa Boreh Go green evolutions has continues in middle of April for the second stage. And now, we are more than ready by produce Power Supply on the second stages. How much we produce? by finishing Second stage of Solar Panel installations, our consumptions of electric generated more than 60%. Interesting? and What the Next Step?

We will continue for the Final Stage that will be start in the end of May 2016. Watch us and Keep update to the next Villa Boreh Go Green Project!