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Dec 31st 2016

Its a great time and unforgettable of Fire Ceremony with Closing years of 2016 by flying Sky Lantern in the Beach front deck, Everyone was very excited and looks like ready to face the future of 2017!

Dec 6th 2015

Time has come, cloud start covering the mountains and water comes from the sky. Rain season will be come very soon but as many peoples know BALI will always with the SUN even on wet season does not mean is always rain. Our garden look so happy and show up the leafs getting longer look like want to say hello for your coming soon!

Aug 22nd 2015

Cleaning our ground to day, Good attraction for the guest to see the local people climbing huge of coconut trees. Garden look more clean and beautiful but ocean wind is little bit strong to day. Specialy for Balinese waiting for upcoming Full moon on 29th and will be crowded on the streets in the afternoon where most local people go for praying.

Jul 22nd 2015

As a Program interest, Bali is come famous for Yoga Meditation Activities where many of accommodations offer of this segment. No Specific Research but from Bali Tourism government, This Year Bali already increase 40% (From January – May) where more than thirty thousand people come for this program compare than same period on 2014.

No wonder if Villa Boreh can be the right choice to make a Retreat or Yoga Seminar as many peoples know this accommodation concept is bring you back to the nature where we call this is an a SANCTUARY OF SERENITY.

Jul 13th 2015

Strong wind come from the ocean which is part of volcano activities from Gunung Raung – East Java Island. This Situation is effected Bali (most on the West Part where the place closer to java Island) and many Flights are Delay and Cancel. Sky is not as bright before but no one fault as this all happened.

People start frustrate waiting and waiting even to day some flight already serve but still cannot handle as usual when 7.000 peoples arrive and leave. Prepare your self if go around bali (specially to the west part) to bring Mask.

Jul 10th, 2015

Beautiful weather cover for all of the weeks and is sounds great for holiday on the Tropical Island. Special day will come on Jul 15th 2015 which will all balinese people will celebrate of our main ceremony (call Galungan Day), Temples, Beaches, Shopping Center, Markets and also streets will be crowded for couple of days. If you interesting in culture, this will the good time to see and learn of our traditions but if you like to do some trip, prepare your self for traffic on the hot Sun of the Island of God.

May 20th, 2015

Amazing day to day, our garden was look way better than before and also our property was more flash. All birds fly around and play with beautiful song sounds like waiting your coming soon….

January 30, 2015

Finally we finish our floor renovation at our Seminar room, now look much better with new floor :-) and February is our Garden maintenance time with all Villa Boreh family

January 17, 2015

On this January we just have Retreat by Chloe Potter on January 03, 2015 which are done very successfully and everybody are so happy, so we hope they will coming back for next year. and now we are busy to do floor renovation for our Seminar Room, as well we make new gate to cover our parking area in back side.

January 01, 2015
Happy New Year and we wishing all of you the best :-)
2015 is begin and 2014 is the past, after to do a lot of things with so special guests which are amazing and we really would like to thank all of them, and finally now we could be able and ready to offer much better service and to giving different things for all of you.. 2014 we do have a lot of project which are we build another 3 Lumbung House with wooden style which are so beautiful and very peaceful to relax and to enjoying the moment. as well we make change for our Yoga Shala Floor with wooden which could make all the Yogi much more comfortable during the practice, as well we just finish our new office with double size and much more space and more beautiful for our work and also for the guest who need privacy to do their work during their holiday :-)

July 11, 2013

Villa Boreh is now offering yoga classes for guests.

We are also offering the STILLNESS IN MOTION 2-Day retreat on an ongoing basis – Unique workshops offered of 2 days in breathwork, yoga and free-diving in the lush sanctuary of Villa Boreh. Our emphasis is on tailoring the universal to suit the individual, using asana, pranayama, meditation and modern free-diving techniques to explore the breath and re-discover our aquatic potential. The retreat can be booked at any time with a few days advanced notice, so classes are small.

Want to find out more about yoga classes and our 2-day yoga retreat at Villa Boreh? Contact us:

May 11, 2011

Check out our web albums on the Photos & Videos page. Every album has been updated with loads of new photos. We’ve also updated our Facebook page, too!

May 5, 2011

April has been a busy month for us and we’re just catching up on giving credit where it’s due. Special thanks go out to Daria, Vladimir, Gaia, Eka and the whole team for a great retreat experience April 24 – 29, 2011. We learned a lot together and had some great fun in the kitchen!

May 4, 2011

Thanks again to Tiffany Cruikshank & Kathryn Budig and all the participants. April 16 – 23, 2011 will be a remembered as a great time here. A big “hello” from all the staff and we hope to see you again next year. We’ve got some fantastic pictures we’ll be uploading to the site soon.

April 15, 2011

We just wanted to say “Thank You!” to Liz Doyle & Patrick Gray and all the participants for a fantastic retreat April 7 – 14, 2011! See you next year! Be sure to keep an eye on our Yoga photo album for pictures from the retreat. We will be uploading some soon. For more information about Liz Doyle & Patrick Gray’s 2012 Bali Retreat, contact Liz:

March 9th, 2011

Welcome to the new Villa Boreh website and our new NEWSFEED page.
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We’ve revamped the layout and added lots of photos and information.