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Retreats 2018

March 21st – 27th 2018 : Yoga Retreat by James Stavenson

April 17th – 22th 2018 : Yoga Retreat by Sharon Neish

April 29th – May 3rd 2018 : Yoga Retreat by Kalindi Marnell

May 27th – 30th 2018 : Yoga Retreat by Barbra Esher

June 1st – Jul 1st 2018 : Retreat Program with Klaus Konstantin

July 25th – 30th 2018 : Dynamic Retreat Program by Louisa Raszyk

Aug 9th – 14th 2018 : Skillful Mind Retreat by Peter Radcliffe

Sept 2nd – 8th 2018 : Yoga Retreat by Dennis and Laura Long Retreat

Oct 1st – 18th 2018 : Yoga Retreat by Anna Maria, Click Here to contact directly!

Nov 1st – 15th 2018 : Yoga Retreat by Pavel. Check the details by Click HERE!

Dec 1st – 15th 2018 : 100 Hr Retreat Program with  Yogacara Teacher Training, Get detail of programs on live site by Click Here!!

Dec 27th 2018 – Jan 2nd 2019 :  Bali NYE Retreat with Han Wee Tan and Jen Hamilton.
The Dive Deep, Rise Strong Retreat is your invitation to recharge yourself, mind, body and soul as you recalibrate your life on the Island of the Gods. This retreat is your escape from the daily grind and a chance to let go of the old and embrace the new. This special retreat is a wonderful combination of yoga, meditation and self inquiry, giving you the resources to navigate life skilfully with a foundation for permanent and positive change in 2019.

Dive Deep into Body, Heart and Mind, Reclaim your Worth, Creativity and Divinity,Rise Strong in celebration of Who You Are. Get details directly by clicking HERE!